A Message From Home


You may have been asking yourself, “What’s happening with that other couple we heard about?” and that would be a great question. DJ and Rebecca have been patiently waiting and praying for their house to sell in Michigan. They could use extra prayers this weekend as it will be a sort of turning point for them in deciding how and when they get here. In the meantime, they’ve written up a short post about their journey to this point, how the four of us ended up on this crazy adventure together, and what lies ahead for them. Check it out…

Have you ever felt a sense of emptiness and lack of purpose whether you are a Christian or a non Christian? Well that is where my husband and I were at after we thought we had everything we every dreamed of.   We had the nice house, new cars, good paying jobs that were secure for the future and family that loves us but something was missing.  Both my husband and I have been Christians for pretty much our entire lives but unfortunately haven’t been living that life up until recently and it has opened our eyes significantly!

So for our story…..

About two years ago we started hanging out with Simon and Lindsey.  We really enjoyed their friendship but weren’t quite where they were yet spiritually which eventually led to a disagreement.   After this we honestly weren’t thinking there was any way to resolve our friendship.

Because of this we began to form a friendship with another couple at our church through a life group we attended.  We then decided to form a new life group with this other couple from our church which Simon and Lindsey also attended.  The first day at our new life group we walked in the door and to our surprise and, honestly at this point, our disappointment Simon and Lindsey had decided to attend the same life group.   At first we thought this would be very awkward, not only for ourselves but for others in the group.  God definitely had other ideas for our friendship.

Soon after being in the same life group we realized how much we had missed their friendship and that we really needed to talk things over and try and get back to where things were.  God allowed us to talk through everything and after many discussions grow tremendously in our walk with Him through His transformation in our hearts and from their influence in our lives. After those conversations we became fast friends again and were soon hanging out between 3-4 times a week.  God truly has blessed us with amazing friends we couldn’t ask for anyone more supporting and caring than these two have been.

As far as where God has brought us to in these last 10 months we used to be very concerned with money and things and having nice things.  Not to the point where we were going crazy and spending, but more like saving like crazy and not giving more than our 10% tithe at church. God has truly opened our eyes to how, while we aren’t all called into ministry, we need to not just be sleepwalking through life.  We personally don’t want to be 80 years old, God willing, and wonder what did we do with our lives.  For us, we feel that our current lives aren’t fulfilling God’s purpose to make more and better Christians.  With this we have felt that God is calling us into ministry in some way and through much prayer we have experienced many different signs that Hawaii is where he has called us to.

Currently we are trying to learn and grow in Christ and be open to what we may have to learn until we are able to move.  We have been selling things and currently have our house on the market so continued prayers for that to sell and for God to continue to grow us in our walk with him.

In Christ-
DJ and Rebecca Thompson

Please continue to pray for DJ and Rebecca. Pray that God will open the door for them to join us here and that all four of us will be listening to how He can use us each and every day right where we are.



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