Counting Down

It’s amazing how quickly time flies when it’s filled with precious things. The past few weeks we have seen and spoken to more people we love than we have in a very long time and we have been so blessed by your presence in our lives. Today, with only a month to go, it seems like time is flying.


When you get this close to the unknown the strangest feelings set in. We are so excited about where God is leading us (like jumping up and down squealing kind of excited 🙂 ). And there is this crazy sense of relief in getting rid of all our earthly possessions…having less is incredibly freeing. And then there’s a feeling of complete bewilderment. We’ve never lived on a tropical island. We’ve never been consistently near the ocean or mountains. We’ve never lived without boots and gloves and winter coats (although that’s one thing we think we can handle just fine). We’ve never had to start from square one when it comes to making a home because when we got married most of our belongings were gifts. We’ve never not been able to see our families if we wanted to. All those things are things our minds just can’t comprehend but even in the chaos there is this peace and hopefulness that just can’t be contained.

Part of that comes from knowing that God is in control. Living life fully surrendered to Him means you don’t have to worry about the things you’re unsure of. So what if we don’t have money? So what if we don’t have a definite place to live? So what if we don’t have a church or organization to guide us each step of the way? God’s still God and if you’re following His lead He will provide for all your needs and then some. We want our journey to Hawaii to be an example of obedience and we want it to inspire others to reevaluate where they are with the Lord. Has He been prompting you to do something but you’ve ignored it out of fear? Have you thought about trying something but didn’t want to risk the possible loss or failure that might come with it? Have your fears for the future kept you from fully living in the present? If you answered yes to any of those questions we hope that our adventure will encourage you to live out yours. God has a plan and a calling on each of our lives and he wants our desire to be for Him first above anything else that might prevent us from being fully surrendered to His will.

We are so excited to enjoy every full, busy, crazy minute of this next month. There will be more lasts along the way and way too many goodbyes, but there are so many firsts ahead that we can’t wait to experience. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the ride with us…we look forward to sharing all the great things God has in store!


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33


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