I See Beautiful Things Ahead

Today I turned twenty-seven.  We decided to end twenty-six with a bang so the last thing we did before bed last night was buy a pair of one way tickets Hawaii….I’m thinking twenty-seven will be my best year yet.

It’s funny how you can plan for something and dream about something so much and yet it doesn’t quite seem real until you take those big steps of faith.  We knew we were going months before we shared with anyone but somehow sharing it made it that much more of a reality.  Then everyone knew we were leaving, but it still seemed like a distant dream until we clicked that “Buy” button last night.  The tickets are non-refundable.  Aside from an act of God there’s no going back now.

And that’s why today is, appropriately, our first entry in our new blog.  I can’t promise it will the best blog you’ve ever read, but if you’re into the crazy kind of things God can do with two people who are listening to Him, this might be the blog for you.  We want this space to be a place where you can see how He is working in our lives, not just read about it, and we’ll keep you updated on our journey, our prayer requests, and just life in general.  Moving to Hawaii is going to be a huge learning experience for us and since many of you will not being seeing us for a very long time we want to take you with us in whatever way we can.  Some days will be silly, like the days we try new foods and make all kinds of funny faces or learning how to make a normal left turn as opposed to a Michigan left. Some days will be serious like when we struggle with finding jobs or run into barriers in our relationships because we’re the outsiders and we don’t belong.  Whatever each day brings though, we hope to keep you well informed and allow you to learn alongside us as we follow God’s leading in our lives.

As I sign off on this first day of twenty-seven, I’ll leave you with your first opportunity to learn something new.  In Hawaii “mahalo” means thank you.  When we think of all the love, support, financial blessings, encouragement, and prayers you send our way we can only say mahalo.

Aloha for now!



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